Dental Impant over Dentures

Implant Overdentures have revolutionized how dental providers can replace an entire mouthful of teeth. Conventional dentures are removable. Dentures are also inconvenient, often painful, and unstable. They can also make it difficult to chew food. Therefore, they can interfere with the quality of life. Fortunately, advanced dental technology has brought us implant overdentures. We are happy to offer our patient this modern tooth replacement solution at Easy Family Dental.

Dental Implant Overdentures in Encino, CA

The implant overdenture replaces missing teeth with a full bridge supported by implant posts. This treatment concept involves fewer implants and shorter treatment time. As a result, the cost is reduced. What’s more, implant overdentures allow for greater bone stability. There is no need for bone grafting procedures to generate volume. The prosthetic stays attached either with a clip and bar piece or with an abutment based appliance. For example, your dentist in Encino, CA, may use resilient stud attachments (locators), magnets, ball, etc. Every case is unique, so the appropriate attachment will vary patient to patient. It will depend on a variety of factors discussed at your initial consultation.

You will receive a temporary set of teeth after the implants are surgically inserted. This will allow you to have a full smile during the healing period. Once the time is right, your Encino dentist will place the permanent dental bridge. Then, you smile freely and enjoy the foods you love.

The Benefits of Implant Overdentures in Encino

There are many advantages that come with choosing implant overdentures at Easy Family Dental in Encino, CA:

Cost-effective tooth replacement option: Compared to other dental implant restorations, overdentures require fewer posts. With only a few implants surgically inserted, you will pay less.

Less likely to need bone grafts: Due to the placement of two of the posts, bone grafts are usually not necessary. The special angle ensures a stable and secure anchorage for the new arch.

Faster treatment and shorter healing time: The new arch can be connected to the dental implants on the same day as insertion.

Proven results: After ten years of scientific studies, implant overdentures have received good clinical outcomes and favorable results.