An accident can happen at any time day or night that damages your teeth. If you play contact sports like football or basketball, losing a tooth isn’t unheard of when you’re playing them. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for Monday to repair your tooth. Emergency dentistry can take care of urgent needs soon after they happen.

Getting Emergency Dental Help

When a tooth has been knocked loose or broken off, it is important to get to a dental office right away, especially if you still have the part of the tooth that broke. Our dentists at Easy Family Dental in Encino, CA, provide emergency dental care and can repair most teeth.

After examining your tooth to make sure that tooth decay didn’t play a part in its breaking, our dentists may use dental bonding to “glue” the tooth back in place. However, if it’s badly broken or broken close to the gum line, then the tooth may need extracting and a dental crown or implant installed in its place.

Other Emergency Services

Along with broken or loose teeth, we offer our regular dental services from 8:30 am to 3 pm on Saturday, and we have extended office hours on Monday and Thursday. Whether you need an emergency dentist in Encino or the surrounding neighborhoods of Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, or Tarzana, CA, our dentists are available for you.

If you have an infected tooth, don’t try to put up with the pain until Monday, but come see us for an emergency appointment. Infection in a tooth or gums can get into your bloodstream and damage your organs if you wait too long.

We can also help with fillings that have fallen out, braces that may need adjusting due to damage, and other dental emergencies. If you need emergency dental services, then call or stop by Easy Family Dental in Encino, CA, to get the care you or your child needs.