Dental Implant Restaurant

The insertion of dental implants to replace teeth that have been lost is a common procedure experienced by many adults in the United States. The implants are installed directly into the jawbone to maintain overall health, and then a tooth portion is screwed to the metal root to restore regular oral function.

Implants are a great way to maintain overall oral health and wellness, but sometimes something goes wrong with the implant. Patients who received an implant at some point in their lives may gradually start to feel pain or irritation at the site of the installation or might fear the implant has begun to shift or wear down. When this occurs, it is time for dental implant restoration.

The restoration of dental implants is an uncommon procedure, as most people do not experience problems with the synthetic tooth. Here at Easy Family Dental, the most frequently seen issue is when an implant becomes loose, or the crown is damaged or chipped as part of an accident or regular wear and tear.

The Process of Implant Restoration

The exact procedure for repairing and restoring an implant will vary based on the type and severity of the issue. If the crown, or the visible portion of the implant, has cracked or is experiencing another problem, the dentist can unscrew it from the metal root that extends to the jawbone. A new one can then be made and placed back into the original implant’s setting.

If there is a problem with the metal root, the process is more complicated. Typically root issues occur when the jawbone did not heal properly around the implant when it was first placed. The dentist will need to surgically remove the entire implant, potentially perform a bone graft on the jawbone, and then craft and install a new implant that better fits the mouth.

What to Do

If you think something is wrong with your implant, the first step is to contact a professional like the dentists here at Easy Family Dental for an exam and consultation. Once a problem has been identified, we can then craft a custom plan just for you to return you to your best smile.