Although you can entrust the care of your child’s teeth to a family dentist, a kids’ dentist has the skills and education regarding kids’ teeth that a general family dentist does not. Also, the atmosphere of a pediatric dentistry is more suitable for children because it is more relaxing for them when sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Why Seek a Pediatric Dentist?

When you walk into our children’s dental office, you will immediately recognize that you’re at a practice that caters to children. The design of our dental office is serene and family-friendly, with things for kids to do in the waiting room until it is time for their appointments.

Also, the equipment is child-size instead of adult-size. Children’s oral care is very different than adults when kids are small, so the instruments must be small enough to fit in a child’s mouth. Working with these instruments allows our pediatric dentists to easily reach a cavity or molar in a child’s mouth.

Kids’ Dentist Near You

Our pediatric dentist Encino, CA, has many years of experience helping families keep their children’s teeth healthy. They are aware that kids are often scared of new experiences or going to see the dentist because some children may have had bad experiences with other dentists. Fortunately, our dentist’s office for kids is well-known for the great care kids dental care that they provide.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dental office near the Lake Balboa or Sherman Oaks, CA area, then contact us to make an appointment with the best pediatric dentists in the area. Parents can be just as nervous as their kids, if not more so when taking them to a dentist’s office, but our caring staff sets the tone at our dental office in Encino.

Our dental offices are easy to find, and we also have dentists who can care for your teeth as well as your children’s. If you’ve wondered where to find pediatric dental offices near me in Tarzana, CA, call our offices in Encino for an appointment.