Perio tray non surgical gum disease treatment

You may not realize it yet, but you are part of a growing statistic. Over 80 percent of adults are currently suffering from some form of early gum disease. And although it’s only an assumption, we believe that 100 percent of those individuals want to avoid having surgery to control the condition.

If you’d like to stay ahead of this curve, the following is some helpful information that you can start incorporating into your oral health routine today to prevent the need for periodontal surgery in years to come.

Bacteria Is Your Enemy: But a Dentist Near You in Encino Can Help You Win the War!

You’ve probably heard it from every dentist you’ve been to in the past, and the dental care team here at Easy Family Dental will echo it, too. Harmful bacteria can create havoc for not only your oral health but your general health, as well.

Even if you believe you are practicing the most rigorous oral health routine at home, there is absolutely no way to remove all of the bacteria and plaque from your teeth and gums without a semi-annual preventative dental cleaning from a dentist near you like Easy Family Dental.
And even then, some mouths are more prone to the perils of gum infection. And when advanced gum disease is left unchecked, the infection can spread to other parts of your body, including your heart.

So, why take risks when there’s an easy way to protect yourself from the risks of periodontal disease?

At Easy Family Dental, we believe in providing our patients with the most advanced – and highly-rated — treatment methods available. Keep reading to learn about the use of Perio Trays® from Perio Protect and how they can be a game-changer in your long-term oral health.

Experience the Perio Tray Difference

It will require a visit to a dentist near you in Encino like Easy Family Dental to receive your custom fit doctor-prescribed trays that you will wear at home for just minutes a day. Many patients wear their trays while they’re in the shower or blow-drying their hair.

What makes the Perio Tray one of the country’s most endorsed non-surgical gum disease treatment is the combination of the custom mouthpiece and the quality of the product that will be placed in your mouthpiece. Yes, there are countless over-the-counter pastes, gels, trays, and rinses that are marketed to help fight gum disease, but Perio Tray is the only treatment that has been certified with FDA clearance.

Make an appointment today to learn more about this advanced, non-invasive gum disease treatment!