Six month smiles

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), roughly 4.5 million individuals at any given time in the United States are wearing braces, forming a significant portion of the population. Once those who have worn braces in the past are counted, it becomes clear that a massive chunk of the population has required teeth straightening and adjustment to develop their smile.

Because the majority of people wearing braces are adolescents under the age of 18, adults often feel uncomfortable with the thought of wearing them. A major reason for the concern is the stigma. Some people are embarrassed by having braces and feel that braces make them look young and inexperienced.

To help individuals over the age of 16 get the braces they need without having to undergo years of orthodontic treatment, our dentists here at Easy Family Dental offer braces through Six Month Smiles ®. Six Month Smiles is a specialized form of braces that use tooth-colored plates and wires to reshape and straighten teeth in as little as six months. During this time, patients undergo an average of seven adjustments to create smooth, even teeth.

What Are the Benefits?

The major benefit of using Six Month Smiles is that patients can get in and out of braces in half a year rather than the traditional one to two years. Adults don’t need to worry about looking unprofessional or having to restrict their eating habits because of the metal on their teeth. Instead, they can straighten their teeth over a short period and then return to their regular life.

Another benefit is that the braces from Six Month Smiles are comfortable and blend in well with the teeth. The brackets do not stand out and are easy to adjust, so patients typically spend less time with an irritated mouth or in pain following the procedure.

How to Get the Braces

If Six Month Smiles sounds like something you are interested in, call today to make an appointment here at Easy Family Dental. One of our qualified professionals will examine your teeth and see if you are a candidate for treatment today.